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Technologist, Advisor, and Consultant with extensive international experience and business acumen focused heavily on SaaS Startups, using lean methodologies.

Technologist, Business Consultant, and Mentor

Amsterdam American Business Club (AABC) Board of Directors - Technology Committee

MIT Technology Review Panel Member

TEDx Mentor and Public Speaker

Harvard Business School Alumnus

Senior CX Manager @ Fonoa

ex Uber / Netflix / SurveyMonkey / Momentive.AI / Holland Startup / MessageBird / Burning Man

Technologist with a broad background in hardware, software, telephony, cryptography and Blockchain (DLT), 

Business consulting for startups, scaleups, and entrepreneurs, with a specific focus on operations, people, processes, and tools.

Certified Protection Specialist (CPS)

Wilderness First Responder (WFR)

Deputy Fire Chief (ret.)

Award-winning International DJ (Raku), Laser and intelligent lighting designer,  writer, traveler, and contemporary artist 

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